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Career Establishment Program  (Steps 1-7) $550

Career Establishment Consultation &  Report  (Steps 1-6) $320

PAYMENT OPTIONS - CASH on the day of consultation, Direct debit

Contact us now to discuss your     circumstances and needs

Step 1
Contact Career Savvy to discuss your circumstances and needs
Step 2
Make your consultation appointment
Step 3
Receive relevant information and activities - to complete 
before our face-to-face consultation
 Step 4
Career Savvy conducts research - responding to your specific needs and preparing for our meeting


We’ve heard too many stories about students who have changed courses, dropped out ... because they made the wrong choices about what to study, students who didn’t realise there were other entry pathways, or who started a course with next to no idea... Education Minister Simon Birmingham

Step 5
Attend our 1.5 hour+ face-to-face meeting at New Farm or via SKYPE
Step 6
Career Savvy conducts​ further research and analysis to provide answers, information, solutions; and progress goals identified during our meeting. Your comprehensive Report is prepared.
Step 7
2 years access to professional study and career advice, support and solutions

The Career Establishment Program... 

It provides peace of mind that answers, information and solutions... are there when you need them - at any time for 2 years.

Having professional advice on-tap is of great benefit to young peopleand parents, riding the roller coaster through school and further education to work.

Take advantage of having your own personal Study and Career Consultant for 2 years, to:

  • ensure that life-changing decisions about study and career options and pathways are made with professional input, using evidence-based research and assessment    
  • help you identify your 'best fit' subjects, courses, occupations - leading to suitable and sustainable careers
  • get and stay on track with your career establishment journey, without wasting time, money and frustration on false starts and dead ends
  • navigate through the complex, ever-changing education and employment maze
  • develop resilience and adaptability - to manage your career around the challenges of today and tomorrow's world of study and work